These Students are SLAC.

The inaugural meeting of the Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) took place on Friday, September 7.  SLAC exists to provide the library with a student perspective and will assist the library by providing a mechanism for communicating student suggestions and advice; offering student opinions on library services, resources, facilities, and policies; involving students in the formulation of new library services and facilities; and suggesting library proposals for Student Technology Fee funding.

During Friday’s meeting, SLAC members discussed library study spaces and brainstormed library-related issues to take on during the coming year. Ellie Nakamura was elected chair, and Yoshika Christian is the new SLAC secretary.

Interested in joining SLAC? We are in the process of recruiting three freshmen to serve during the current academic year. Please email Jennifer Jones if you’re interested. For all other class levels, the library will begin the application process for the 2013-2014 year in March 2013. The call for applications will be announced here on the Library Blog.

Left to right: Antonio Garay, Jerel Ng, Chris Toula, Yoshika Christian, Valerie Triplett, Ellie Nakamura, Daniel Stupp, Adama Tarawally

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