Welcome back!

Things get a little quiet here in the library over the summer, so it’s quite interesting to see how the level of activity changes during the first week of classes. Curious about what went on last week?

From Monday, August 23, through Friday, August 27, the library:

  • Counted 48,832 total visits into its buildings
  • Welcomed around 6,300 unique visitors each day
  • Answered 615 questions at the Research Support Desk on Library North 2
  • Responded to 312 online chat questions
  • Recorded 19,152 logins to the library computers
comparison of library visit from June-August 2010

Just how much did library visits jump the first week of classes? Here’s a comparison of the number of library visits during a week in June, a week in July, and the first week of classes in August.

Thanks to Rod Bustos, La Loria Konata, and Sarah Steiner for contributing data to this post.

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